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Elite Retrofit Kits

Upgrade Older Marine Air Control Systems

Elite Retrofit Kits have everything necessary to upgrade existing Marine Air cabin control systems. Kits are available to replace MCP 3-knob, Passport II, ECU, and ECU-Maxx controls.

Available for direct expansion and chilled water air conditioning systems, each Elite Retrofit Kit contains everything necessary to upgrade existing control systems – including Elite display/keypad with Vimar Rondo bezel, electrical box with display cable and wiring harness, mounting plate, and alternate air sensor.

The Elite display operates with the new Passport® I/O circuit board, which uses state-of-the-art SMT technology. The Elite display is flash programmable to enable future software upgrades without having to replace the circuit board.

  • Automatic humidity control – reduces moisture when the boat is unattended.
  • Multiple fan-speed selections – automatic or three manual speeds.
  • Blank the lit display when desired – keep cabin dark at night.
  • “Pump Sentry” protects system if seawater pump fails.
  • Heater relay allows optional electric heat.