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Tempered Water Logic Control

The Tempered Water Logic Control (TWLC) is an advanced microprocessor chiller control specifically designed for marine circulated water systems. The TWLC system maximizes system performance, protects the chillers with advanced fault protection monitoring and shut-down routines, and has easy menu-driven operation supplying the user with important system information.

System redundancy and easy field repair were the priorities when the TWLC was developed. Each chiller in a TWLC system has a dedicated power/logic board, and the boards are networked together to form an integrated system (automatically controlling up to 6 chillers). This design means that a single board or network failure will not shut down the entire system. The P/L board has board-mounted LEDs to help with troubleshooting, replaceable EPROM for software upgrades, and plug-in terminal strips and RJ-12 jacks which allow for quick field installation.